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Join the Revolution! Thursday Night Drop-in and Social Dancing for East Coast Swing 

Location: Powerhouse Gym 3216 SE Federal Hwy Stuart, FL 34997

Drop-in Lesson on Thursday will begin at 7:00 PM and end at 8 PM.

Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early for check-in.

ATTENTION! Lindy Hope Level 1 runs from Thursday, October 12th through November 16th from 7 pm to 8 pm. Drop-in Lessons will be pushed back to 8 pm to 9 pm. Social dancing from 9 to 9:30 PM. Social Dancing will be free for the Thursdays that Lindy Hope Level 1 is offered.

Lindy Hop Level 1 is a progressive 6-week series that focuses on introducing dancers to the 8-count dance known as the Lindy Hop. Participants must pay 60 $ for a 6-week course and will not be charged for attending the drop-in lesson that follows. 

Drop-in Class and Social Dancing for non-members of Powerhouse Gym is 15$.

Drop-in Classes and Social dancing for members of Powerhouse pay just 5$

Social Dancing will follow directly after our Drop-in class which will be from 7:45 PM until 9:30 PM. 

Social Dancing is 10$ for non-members of Powerhouse Gym

Join, or Die.

Stay tuned for Lindy Hop Workshop Dates for the Months of December and January. Lindy Hop Workshop is a 3-hour class on Saturday afternoons to quickly get acquainted with the 8-count partner dance known as the Lindy hop. Dates and times to be released in November 2023.


  • Bring yourself, bring friends, bring family, and be prepared to have a blast. 

  • Drop-in class and Social Dancing is 15$ for non-members of Powerhouse Gym or 5$ for members of Powerhouse Gym's we accept cash or credit. 

  • We recommend that you eat and are well hydrated as you would prior to exercise.  

  • We recommend felt, leather soled shoes, or regular tennis shoes (avoid cheep rubber soled dress shoes as they tend to scuff wood floors)

  • Feel free to dress the part (1930's to 1950's apparel (athletic wear is fine but remember you are going to be up-close and personal with strangers)


Child Care Runs until 8 PM for both members and non-members. 


$10 per child for Kids Club - 2 hour limit

$10 per infant for Kids Club - 1 hour limit

Members must have a "Gold Plus Kids" or "Gold Plus Infant" membership to use the Kids Club free of charge.   If members of Powerhouse have a Bronze, Silver or Basic Gold membership then they must pay the non-member rate for Kids' Club.

For further questions regarding child care or member services please speak to a team member of Powerhouse Gym.

Dance Schedule: Schedule
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