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 Like traditional Orthopedic and Sports Conditioning Physical Therapy Evaluations we measure ROM, strength, balance, agility, postural stability, joint mobility, flexibility, body composition analysis, neuromuscular control. However, unlike traditional Physical Therapy Evaluations our Wellness Evaluation focus on the analysis of your fitness and athletic ability from your head to your toes before problems ever have a chance to develop.

Our comprehensive evidence based examinations and our use of cutting edge tech enables our clinicians to be exceptional at identifying problems before they happen and to accurately monitor your progress towards achieving the best version of your self. We are located in the  Powerhouse Gym of Stuart, FL and have access to all the latest in fitness equipment to ensure that we can effectively execute our mission to empower our clients in achieving what they may even see as impossible. 

The services offered at Atlas Health and Wellness ensure there is no more guesswork in achieving your goals, we don't use trendy fads that come and go every 5 years , we don't provide unsustainable exercise programs that result in injury, we don't follow work out guru's that use performance enhancing drugs to manipulate your expectations to get more clicks on social media, 

Our approach is to combine your break neck work ethic and commitment to achievement with the our cold hard science and cutting edge technology to get results that even the Greek gods would envy. 

"Our mission is to empower the individuals to shoulder the weight of our world" - Dr. David J. Hartwig CEO and founder of Atlas Health and Wellness

Wellness Services : Services


  • New to Exercise? Our Wellness services are geared toward individuals that are new to the fitness industry and want to learn from the experts in human movement. Our evaluations help establish a baseline for your musculoskeletal system to ensure appropriate prescription of exercise based on your individual fitness goals. Personal trainers might be fit, enthusiastic, and well intentioned about training you but they cannot evaluate how your musculoskeletal system is functioning and cannot objectively measure your progress in your journey to becoming more fit. So if your new to fitness and you want to ensure you achieve your fitness goals and master the understanding of your body schedule your FREE Wellness Evaluation today! 

  • Want to decrease your waist size and increase your muscle density? Our Wellness Evaluations are comprehensive and are geared specifically to help individuals lose waist size and increase muscle density in a safe and objective manner. Understanding your weaknesses is your biggest strength in changing your physical appearance and our Wellness Evaluations take out the guess work to ensure maximizing caloric burn and decreasing your risk of injury. If you are hurt you cannot exercise and if you cannot exercise you cannot burn calories. Schedule your FREE Wellness Evaluation today and let us empower you to achieve your fitness goals today! 

  • Are you participating in competitive athletic activity or body building? Our Wellness Services are perfect for the individual that wants a edge over their competition. Whether your an overhead athlete that wants to throw the ball faster then your teammates, looking for an athletic scholarship for college, improving your max bench press or squat weight, or looking to win body building competitions we are here to prepare you for the trials that lie ahead using cutting edge technology and evidence based practices from the experts in human movement. Schedule your FREE Wellness Evaluation today and lets sharpen that edge so you can cut down your competition! 


  • All Wellness Evaluations are 60 minutes long with 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Wellness Evaluation to complete necessary paperwork. Wellness Evaluations can be scheduled to be performed at our office located within Powerhouse Gym in Stuart FL, or at your home depending on what is most convenient for our clients work life schedule.

  • Following your Wellness Evaluation your provider will discuss the objective data collected at your Initial Evaluation and determine if you would benefit from our services. If a patient decides to proceed with follow-up services you and your Physical Therapist will discuss your Plan of Care (POC) and determine how best to schedule you depending on your needs and availability of appointments.  

  • Wellness Evaluation and Physical Therapy Evaluations are 100% Free of charge!!! However, interventions will not be rendered at the time of your Initial Evaluation or Re-evaluations due to the complexity and detail that goes into our Evaluations. 


  • In-office Follow-up Wellness are 150$ per visit without discounts. 

  • Out of Office visits (in a patients home, or office) are 200$ per visit without discounts to account for travel time. 

  • Same Day Cancellations or No-show visits result in 50$ fee and must be paid before the next date of service or can be avoided if the visit is re-scheduled within the same week said no-show or same day cancellation occurs. 

  • We recommend that most follow-up wellness visits be performed in a gym setting as you will need specific equipment to achieve your maximum potential especially when it comes to strength and conditioning. 

  • Treatment may include core stabilization, soft tissue mobilization (myofascial release, Garston techniques, pneumatic cupping, joint mobilization), postural stabilization, manual stretching, neuromuscular re-education, agility drills, balance, plyometrics, pain inflammatory reduction, strength training, and even work ergonomic.

  • Re-evaluations  are considered follow-up visits and provide status updates on the objective measurements established at your Initial Evaluation. 

  • Re-evaluations are performed no sooner than 30 days or one month from your first follow-up visit and may be longer depending on your individual goals and deficits identified during the report of findings. 

  • Re-evaluations may be necessary if you have not been seen for follow up care in the last 30 days or if you have had a new acute injury or problem that has developed since your last re-evaluation. 


  • We do not accept insurance private or public due to poor reimbursement and over regulation in healthcare which in our opinion leads to poor outcomes and impedes innovation in the science of human movement. 

  • Wellness Follow-up Services are 150$ per visit unless you qualify for discounts which will be discussed at the time of your evaluation. 

  • We accept cash, checks, most major credit cards, as well as Health Savings Accounts Cards (HSA's). 

  • No exercises or interventions will be rendered at the time of your Evaluation or R-evaluations due to complexity and detail that goes in to developing and implementing your customized Plan of Care and the extensive nature of your examination. 

  • Single Session Concierge Physical Therapy sessions and re-evaluations performed at patients home or office are $200 without exception.

  • We do daily documentation on Wellness Evaluations, re-evaluations, and follow-up visits, however we do not contract with or participate in public of private insurance therefore submissions to your insurance company is more than likely to deny any and all claims. 

  • Active Duty service members, police, and emergency services receive an automatic 20% discount for all services rendered with proof of service.

  • All patients under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 also receive an automatic 20% discount on all packages with proof of ID. 

  • All patients under the age of 18 must have parent/legal guardian present at ALL Evaluations, Re-evaluations, and follow up visits without exception.  

  • Please read and review our no show and 24 hour cancelation policy fees outlined

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