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I initially chose my physical therapy location because of their proximity to my house.  As luck would have it, it turned out to be a great decision.  I met with David Hartwig, DPT and Clinic Director for my pre-op evaluation and was immediately impressed with his positive outlook.  I explained that this would be my fifth knee surgery and I was a bit apprehensive, but he helped put my fears to rest.

After my total knee replacement I started my physical therapy (PT) regimen with David.  He was always positive, but also demanding and a bit of a task master (which I later came to appreciate).  I had some complications and David was in my corner, calling my Surgeon to keep him appraised of the situation or talking with the PA to get my pain medicine adjusted to help with my recovery.  In fact both my Doctor and PA commented on how impressed they were with his dedication to his patients and added him to their list of preferred PT specialists.

Over the three month period that I was his patient, I witnessed David dealing with a wide variety of ailments (knees, hips, shoulders, backs, ankles, etc.).  He was well versed and moved seamlessly from one patient to the next, giving each the attention and care they needed. 

During that time, I personally had a few setbacks and that is where David pushed me harder and made me go beyond my comfort zone.  Looking back I likened him to that special teacher or professor that really made you work hard and go above and beyond.  At the time you are thinking why are they being so difficult, but in the end you realize how much you gained and come to appreciate what they did for you.

That is how it was with David Hartwig.  I definitely would not have had the outcome I achieved without his encouragement and challenging approach.  I have the highest respect for David Hartwig and strongly recommend him to anyone requiring Physical Therapy. 


Wesley L. France

Former Patient and Lifetime Fan of Dr. Hartwig

- Wesley L. France

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